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OUR 6 MONTH GASTRIC BALLOON IN PRAGUE CLIENT JOSEPHINE LOST OVER 4 Stones!:Josie lost over 4 stones with New You and her Gastric Balloon in Prague

Some of Josephine's Quotes...
THE CLINIC: "I'm a nurse and I can say that the clinic was excellent!"
AFTER CARE: "The whole experience has been good, very helpful, very straightforward, easy really"

HOW DO YOU FEEL AFTER LOSING 4 STONES?: "I feel amazing, it's changed me completely!"
NEW YOU: "I would definetely recommend New You!"

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Denise lost over 4 and a half stone with New You and the Gastric Balloon in Prague

Some of Denise's Quotes...
THE CLINIC: "The nurses were absolutely brilliant"
AFTER CARE: "There wasn't one question I couldn't ask.... New You would always answer!"
NEW YOU: "Everything was delivered, I would recommend them to anybody!"

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We use the industry standard Allergan ORBERA
liquid filled Gastric Balloon system

6 Month ORBERA Gastric Balloon only £1795

Take control of your weight with the 6 or 12 month GASTRIC BALLOON!


Having a procedure such as the GASTRIC BALLOON in Prague or the GASTRIC BAND in Prague should not be viewed in the same way as electing to have a cosmetic surgery or dental procedure as in most cases these (weight loss) procedures can provide enormous health benefits to the obese and severely obese, helping and in some cases resolving or avoiding serious health problems associated with obesity and severe obesity, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, heart problems, stroke etc. In this respect, choosing to undergo a weight loss procedure such as the gastric balloon or the gastric band, should not be viewed as a ‘luxury’ or a ‘whim’, it is not, because as stated, in the vast majority of cases huge health benefits can be gained as a result of significant weight loss in the clinically obese – of course the fact that you will also look and feel great as a result of your weight loss is a huge bonus!!

What can reasonably be expected?
Average weight loss during gastric balloon insertion is 2 to 4 stones (13KG - 25KG) this is based on studies carried out around the world, involving over 2500 people, it is not uncommon for clients who RIGIDLY follow a dedicated daily exercise and dietary regime, to lose up to 4 to 5 stones (you can see examples of this from a number of U.K. press reports on these pages).

The Gastric Balloon in Prague is designed as a tool to help you kick start a new approach to your relationship with food, especially when diets and other methods have failed previously. To achieve maximum effects, clients need to follow a dedicated diet and exercise programme whilst the balloon is in place (and after it is removed). The gastric balloon is designed to help you change the relationship you have with food on an ongoing basis and can help you lose a considerable amount of weight where other methods have failed.

Client 'A' - Pre-procedure and 9 months after procedure:Client 'A'

The Gastric Balloon is a popular and very effective safe treatment for obesity and overall weight loss. It is a non surgical procedure with a very high success rate, with no need for general anesthesia or surgery.The gastric balloon is a revolutionary simple and safe way to lose weight and change your eating habits on a lasting basis. It is a clinically proven, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment for obesity, (clinically proven in trials throughout the world) It requires no surgery or general anaesthetic. The procedure itself takes only approximately 10 minutes. It's safe, it's simple and it works!


The Gastric Balloon system is available in most major private clinics and hospitals throughout the U.K. Europe and beyond. Our clinic in PRAGUE is a centre of EXCELLENCE for this procedure having provided many hundreds of Gastric Balloon insertions over the last two years alone, with clients from UK, Ireland, America, Canada and beyond. * It is important to note that when you have your Gastric Balloon insertion carried out at our clinic in Prague, you will receive the same industry standard Allergan® liquid filled balloon, as you would in U.K. clinics, performed using the same insertion process. The only difference is that having your gastric balloon inserted at our clinic in Prague means that you will save literally £THOUSANDS of pounds. Average savings are between £2000 TO £3000

We use the industry standard Allergan ORBERA
liquid filled Gastric Balloon system

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Our PACKAGE price includes all pre-insertion health checks, the procedure itself, all associated medications, accommodation, transport, balloon removal after 6 months and after care service and advice in the U.K. For details of our current SPECIAL OFFER package please click here

Arranging your Gastric Balloon insertion with New You offers you huge cost savings with no compromise on quality or care! You can be reassured that our Gastric Balloon insertion clinic in Prague is strictly controlled and regulated by the Czech Medical Chamber (The equivalent of the U.K. General Medical Council - GMC) Czech Medical Chamber

Gastric Balloon BIB Clinic Team in Prague

Our BIB® Gastric Balloon Clinic Team in Prague
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How does it work?
The gastric balloon fills up your stomach so you are normally full after only a small amount of food (approximately 50% to 75% of your stomach capacity will be occupied by your gastric balloon). This encourages you to eat smaller portions of food every 2 – 3 hours, which is a habit recommended by dietitians as part of a healthy lifestyle. The balloon will normally stay inside your stomach for up to 6 months after which time it is easily removed.

Average weight loss during is 2 to 4 stones (13KG - 25KG).The Gastric Balloon is a simple, low-risk and minimally invasive method of weight control, where a silicon balloon is inserted into your stomach via the gullet by gastroscop (a flexible tube) then filled with blue colored liquid ( circa 400 to 500ml). The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes in most cases. Prior to and during the procedure you will be given local anesthesia and sedation to make you as comfortable as possible.

Ask the DoctorBIB placement catheter

Do I qualify for the Gastric Balloon?
The recognised categories for people who are considered overweight or obese are based on an individual's BMI (Body Mass Index) calculated on a height to weight ratio. Current medical guidelines are as follows: People with a BMI of 25 - 30 are classified as OVERWEIGHT. People with a BMI of 30 or above are classified as OBESE. We will accept enquiries from people with a BMI of 28 or above.

You can calculate YOUR BMI (Body Mass Index) by clicking on the scales below:

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Frequently asked questions answered:

How Much Weight Will I Lose with the Gastric Balloon System?
Independant Clinical trials carried out in various establishments throughout the world involving THOUSANDS of people have shown an average weight loss over 6 months of 2 to 3 stones+ (13KG - 19KG). Naturally if you have achieved your target weight loss before the 6 month normal insertion period, you can have your Gastric Balloon removed early. ALL clients must have their balloons removed before or at the 6 month period after insertion.

It is important for you to understand that the Gastric Balloon is an aid to weight loss and must be used in conjunction with diet and behaviour (exercise) modifications in tandem with your balloon insertion. Therefore, the amount of weight you lose will depend on how closely you follow dietary and exercise modifications. How long you maintain weight loss after the removal of your balloon will depend on how completely you adopt long-term lifestyle changes involving eating behavioral habits and exercise.

Weight Loss

How Is the Balloon Placed in the Stomach?
The balloon is placed in the stomach through the mouth with no need for surgery or general anethesia. Your Doctor will carry out an examination of your stomach using an endoscopic camera. If no abnormalities are observed, he/she will proceed with placement of the balloon through the mouth and down the oesophagus into the stomach. The balloon is made of a soft and pliable silicone elastomer material and is inserted while in its smallest, deflated form. The swallowing process is made easier with the help of anaesthetics applied to numb the throat area. Sedation is also used to help you feel more comfortable and to ease the insertion process.

Once your gastric balloon is inside your stomach, it is filled with a sterile saline solution through a small filling tube (catheter) attached to the balloon. Once filled, your doctor removes the catheter by gently pulling on the external end. Your gastric balloon has a self-sealing valve, and at this point the balloon is floating freely in the stomach.

Placement times vary but it will usually take only 10 minutes for balloon insertion, after which time you will be monitored by your Doctor for a short time and you will then be taken to your room in the clinic for recuperation and to help your body adjust to the presence of the balloon.Approximately 50% of clients may experience nausea, vomitting, acid indegestion and possible stomach cramping immediately after balloon insertion and these normal side effects can be best managed in a 'clinic' environment with 24/7 specialist medical care on hand.

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Who Can Use the Gastric Balloon System?
The BIB® System is designed to assist with weight loss in people who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 and above, in selected cases it may be possible to evaluate BIB placement in patients with BMI 28+. To calculate your BMI, click here BMI CALCULATOR

How Long Is the Gastric Balloon System Used?
Your balloon will be in place for up to six months. Longer periods of use are not recommended due to the fact that over time the acidic content of the stomach may weaken the balloon material and could cause the balloon to deflate. During the placement period of your balloon your Doctor should prescribe a course of oral medication to reduce your stomach acid (this may reduce the possibility of stomach irritation and damage to the balloon) along with anti-sickness medication and in some cases pain medication and anti-spasmodic medication to allieviate stomach cramping ( these medications will be given to you at the clinic and a short supply will be given to you to use prior to visiting your own Doctor at home). All clients are required to see their own family doctor as soon as possible after balloon insertion to advise your Doctor that you have a gastric balloon in place and to seek further or alternative medication to alleviate possible side effects after balloon insertion.

What Happens if the Balloon Deflates?
In the extremely unlikely event that your balloon deflates; If the balloon deflates before scheduled removal you will be aware that this has happened. Your BIB Balloon has a blue dye added to the sterile saline solution in order to help you clearly identify early deflation by a change in the colour of your urine (it will be a blue/green colour). The balloon is small enough that it may pass through the intestines and leave the body naturally, however, if you suspect a deflation,you should notify your own Doctor and contact us as soon as possible. It is also possible for you to come back to our clinic for insertion of a new balloon at no extra cost. N.B. It is extremely unlikey that your balloon will start to deflate if you follow the advice and guidlelines given to you by clinic staff. Incedences of balloon deflation are less than 1%

How Will the Gastric Balloon System Be Removed?
The balloon is normally removed in the same way it was placed, via the oesophagus. Prior to removal, you will be given a sedative and local anesthetics will be applied to numb the throat area. Using an endoscopic camera, your Doctor will introduce a catheter through the mouth and into the stomach. The balloon will then be punctured and deflated. Once the balloon is deflated it can be grasped and easily removed. Once your ballon has been removedl you will be free to leave the clinic after approximately 1 hours observation, there is no need for an overnight stay at the clinic.

Weight Loss

Will I Regain My Weight after the Balloon Is Removed?
Because the balloon in your stomach normally creates a feeling of fullness, it acts as an aid to weight loss and should help you to adhere to a prescribed diet and new eating patterns. You will have a much greater chance of maintaining your weight loss after balloon removal if you maintain and improve the diet and behavior changes during the period of balloon insertion.

I've read that having my Gastric Balloon inserted abroad is 'risky'?
Having your gastric balloon insertion carried out with NEW YOU at our EXPERT regulated clinic in PRAGUE, means that you can rest easy as you are automatically assured of the highest possible standards of care in Europe, by Medical Board Certified Experts and Clinicians. The notion that coming to Prague for your gastric balloon insertion is in some way an 'inferior' option is quite simply misleading. (Cosmetic Surgery regulations and 'checks and balances' in the Czech Republic are actually much more stringent than in the U.K.).Booking with us means that you can SAVE £3000 to £5000 by having the same procedure, WITH THE SAME BALLOON, carried out at our expert clinic in Prague....

We have many satisfied clients who will happily attest to our clinic's standards of care and after care!

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What Side Effects Are Associated with the Gastric Balloon System?
Most clients tolerate the presence of their gastric balloon well, however, it is likely that the presence of the balloon in your stomach may cause acid indigestion, nausea and vomitting and stomach cramping especially for the first 2 or 3 days after insertion and to a lesser extent for 1 to 3 weeks after insertion - this is normal and approximately 40% of clients will experience these side effects to some extent. Your Doctor will prescribe medication to alleviate these potential side effects.

Once your balloon has been in place for approximately 2 to 3 weeks, your body (stomach) should have adjusted to the presence of the balloon and any side effects associated with gastric balloon insertion should dissipate. If in the unlikely event that you experience severe abdominal pain during the period of balloon insertion you should contact your Doctor immediately.

If you experience excessive vomitting after your Gastric Balloon insertion e.g. inability to keep anything down for a sustained period, including water, you must contact your G.P. (family doctor) as soon as possible. It is important to mention here that after effects vary, approximately 60% of candidates have little or no 'side effects' at all after insertion, and the vast majority of people who do experience side effects find that they lessen and dissapate after approximately 2 to 3 weeks and they cope normally with the presence of their balloon for the duration of balloon placement, many clients report that they no longer 'notice' the presence of their balloon during the insertion period, once they have become accustomed to it's presence.

What are the possible Complications?
The Gastric Balloon is a very safe procedure with very low risks involved. As with all surgical and non-surgical medical procedures there remains the possibility of complications in a very small number of patients. Possible complications include:

Balloon Intolerance:
In a VERY small number of cases (approximately1.7% based on global studies) it may not be possible for the body to tolerate the presence of the balloon and the client will need to have it removed early. In this unlikely scenario we can arrange for early extraction of the balloon. Independant studies conducted around the world have shown that the VAST majority of people will be able to tolerate the Gastric Balloon for the recommended 6 month insertion period.

Balloon Leakage:
In an extremely small number of cases (approximately 0.8%) the balloon may spontaneously deflate. In the very unlikely event that this happened you would notice that your urine had changed to a blue/green colour. This is because your balloon is filled with a sterile solution which has a blue dye added in order to clearly identify if the balloon has deflated or is leaking. Should you notice blue/green urine you shoud contact us immediately- you should also contact your own Doctor. If the balloon has indeed deflated or is leaking, it will need to be removed. In the extremely unlikely event that your balloon was to leak, another balloon would be supplied free of charge.

Gastric Perforation:
This is a very rare occurance (less than1%) but a potentially serious matter requiring medical intervention. The most common symptom of possible Gastric Perforation is acute abdominal pain, if you experience acute pain in the abdominal area you should contact your health professional.

Gastric Balloon insertion is not recommended for clients who:

1. Have had previous gastro-intestinal surgery
2. Suffer from Alcohol or Drug addiction
3. Have a history of Mental Illness
4. History of Hiatal Hernia
5. Are pregnant or planning to be pregnant

The rate of complications is very low at approximately 1% Extensive stomach screening and health checks are carried out at the clinic prior to the insertion of your balloon to make sure that our renowned GastroEnterologist (Dr Anna Jungwirthova) is satisfied that you are a suitable candidate for Gastric Balloon insertion.

BIB Diagram
Diagram - BIB System inside stomach


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